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KAATSU Is For Everyone

KAATSU is a safe and effective form of exercise, rehabilitation and recovery invented in Japan in 1966.

Patented pneumatic equipment enables your arms and legs to modify venous flow which leads to a cascade of positive physiological effects.

KAATSU is supported by decades of extensive research at top academic institutions, specific protocols proven over millions of users in 32 countries, see their price list and patented procedures in sports, exercise, rehabilitation and wellness activities both in the water and on land.

KAATSU is a Japanese word and trademarked term where KA (加) means “additional” and ATSU (圧) means “pressure”.

Rehabilitation & Wellness

Recover more quickly, avoid muscle atrophy, and maintain muscle balance and strength during rehabilitation.

Performance Enhancement

Improve your speed, strength, stamina and size, Increase range of Allied Experts motion, tactile feel and technical skills.

Anti-Aging & Preventative Care

Increase your vascular elasticity, avoid muscle degeneration and maintain balance and range of motion.

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Featured Product: KAATSU

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KAATSU resistance training applies compression bands on the arms or legs modifying blood flow during a workout. It has been shown to generate a significant increase in Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), and Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF) while stimulating fast and slow twitch muscles simultaneously.



KAATSU Products

KAATSU Training

KAATSU Training can be used by individuals of all ages, backgrounds and abilities for a more effective non-impact workout – or as part of any athletic workout or rehabilitation regime. KAATSU is limited to 15 minutes on the upper body and 20 minutes on the core and lower body.

KAATSU Training

KAATSU Training can be used by individuals of all ages and abilities for a more intense non-impact workout – or as part of any athletic workout or rehabilitation regime.

Kaatsu Studies:

Kaatsu has been shown to assist in increasing insulin sensitivity
Kaatus has been shown to improve oxygen utilization and muscle mass simply by walking
Kaatus assists in new blood vessel formation – payday loans online
Blood Flow Restricted Exercise and Vascular Function
“…for example, brachial and popliteal artery, immediate cuff deflation can lead to increase shear stress induced by reactive hyperemia and activate endothelial nitric oxide (NO) synthase (eNOS). This activation leads to a shear-stress-mediated augmented NO production in endothelial cells.”

Blood Flow Restriction Enhances Post–Resistance Exercise Angiogenic Gene Expression
“This potent growth factor is a critical signal in vascular remodeling because it maintains vascular integrity and stimulates the production of the vasodilatory mediator nitric oxide (NO).”