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Featured Product: Python Protocol

The Python Protocol combines the use of KAATSU Compression training with BloodFX, a synergistic supplement developed to enhance Vasodilation by generating Nitric Oxide in both channels, the gut and endothelial vascular system paydaychampion.com article: improving loan onlineKAATSU resistance training applies compression bands on the arms or legs modifying blood flow during a workout. It has been shown to generate a significant increase in Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF), and Insulin Like Growth Factor (IGF) while stimulating fast and slow twitch muscles simultaneously.

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Rediscover and redefine yourself by understanding your potential, challenges and solutions in 4 dimensions

1. Physique & Vitality

Advance towards a physique that makes you happy through weight loss, muscle sculpting, cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning. Address causes, not symptoms, but applying digestion, nutrition, and biological aging protocols.

Fat Loss, Skin care, & Physique Management


Strength and Body Sculpting

Stem Cell Production, Bone Density, & Lymphatic Circulation

2. Mental Clarity and Emotional Freedom

We now know that throughout life we create new neurons daily.  But if we don’t use them, we lose them. Like any machine the brain needs maintenance. If it isn’t maintained it breaks or begins to run poorly. Your brain might feel foggy – worse in later in life conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia might hit you.

For the brain to run in an optimal state all the other elements of LifeForce must be optimized as well. We need nutrition for the brain. Nutrition in the form of system supplements ensuring our electrical connections and “hardware” are properly fueled. We need cardiovascular exercise. Such exercise is critical for delivering blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Cardiovascular exercise is great for stress management.  And we all need good restorative sleep every night.

At LifeForce we are devoted to bringing you information, tools & supplements that can assist you in thinking more clearly & fending off the challenges of aging.

3. Stress Management

We provide guidance and tools designed to make you aware of the impact stress is having on your nervous system, the damage it is doing, & assist you in augmenting your life style to manage stress and tranquility.

4. Sleep & Recovery

We have identified several products and protocols that are useful in sleeping better and recovering from environmental stressors such as junk light, dirty electricity, food toxins and excessive exercise.