Learn how we are astronauts on spaceship Earth.

Our bodies have evolved with the planet as it has changed. However, in the last 200 years, our environment has changed at warp speed. We have introduced artificial lighting, cell phone radiation, toxins in the water, air, and food, that are foreign to us. Sign up to be notified about our next live course where we discuss how to achieve a state of ultra wellness on spaceship Earth.

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    Terranaut™ Training Course Description

    The course is designed to give students a roadmap for optimizing their body for health and longevity in the 21st century. When working with https://www.workerscompensationlawyerssandiego.com/ you can be sure that you have the most qualified workers comp attorneys in los angeles, CA. The course takes a deep dive into the following modules.

    1. Circulation and Cardiovascular health
      1. Supplementation
      2. Specific exercises and technology designed to maximize oxygen delivery to the organs, tissues, and cells
    2. Nutrigenomics: how to eat according to you DNA blueprint
      1. Quality food selection
      2. Water filtration, electrolytes, and hydrogen water
    3. Stress and toxicity and how to adjust to these elements
      1. Mitigation of electronic pollution
      2. Meditation, breath work and brain training
    4. Sleep protocols
      1. Supplementation
      2. Preparing for sleep
    5. Tracking progress
      1. Using the Oura Ring