LifeForce IQ and OASIS was founded in Boca Raton by David and Leidy Weinstein. We are passionate about assisting millions of people around the world achieve a state of high performance through empowering them to enhance their LifeForce and its physical, mental, energetic, and recovery dimensions.



David Weinstein

CEO of LifeForce IQ

David Weinstein has been an investment banker for 35 years specializing in biotechnology and medical companies. As a lifelong athlete with a strong interest in anti-aging David’s dream is to empower people be biologically younger and optimize the performance of their body, brain, and nerves (stress management). To meet the environmental challenges of modern life he continuously monitors scientific advances and is quick to adjust products and protocols to assist our clients in optimizing their lifestyle. David was has designed the coaching program for LifeForce IQ and Oasis and is a certified coach from the Bulletproof Human Potential Institute.


Leidy Weinstein

President of LifeForce IQ

Leidy Weinstein grew up in the slums outside of Cali, Colombia. Leidy was raised by her grandmother and did graduate from the local school at 16 but became pregnant that year. At 17 years old she found herself sharing a room with a relative in Cali and raising a newborn. Then, just two years later, she was shot by robbers; her right arm was shattered and had to be reconstructed with metal plates. In 2014 Leidy met her soul mate and husband David Weinstein and got pregnant. She gained over 100 pounds! When their baby was born Leidy tipped the scales at 250 pounds. To make matters even worse the plates in her arm broke during the pregnancy and she could not use her left arm. After a seven-hour surgery, they were able to reconstruct her nerves and put in new plates. One day in the summer of 2016, while she was recovering Leidy, proclaimed that she wanted to help women lose weight and take control of their health starting with herself. She lost 100 pounds, sculpted her body, and won a bikini championship. She started the company LifeForce IQ with her husband David. LifeForce IQ takes a radically different approach to optimize health and vitality. It approaches each person by transforming their health biologically, one cell at a time. The equipment and training protocol combines t “Kaatsu”, a Japanese compression training system, with traditional exercise. Today Leidy is the president of Lifeforce IQ and a professional Kaatsu personal trainer.


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