LifeForceIQ and OASIS was founded in Boca Raton by David and Leidy Weinstein. We are passionate about assisting millions of people around the world achieve a state of high performance through empowering them to enhance their LifeForce and its physical, mental, energetic, and recovery dimensions.


David Weinstein has been an investment banker for 35 years specializing in biotechnology and medical companies. As a lifelong athlete with a strong interest in anti-aging David’s dream is to bring his knowledge and lifestyle design to millions of people. To meet the environmental challenges of modern life he continuously monitors scientific advances and is quick to adjust products and protocols to assist our clients in optimizing their lifestyle. David was has designed the coaching program for LifeForceIQ and Oasis and is a certified coach from the Bulletproof Training Institute.


Leidy is an active body sculpting competitor and works daily with nutritionists and physical trainers. She also cooks healthy and organic food while growing vegetables in Tower Gardens (available on this site). She is from Cali, Colombia and derives great happiness from the Latin living accented with music and dancing while adjusting their traditional diet and lifestyle for optimal living.