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BloodFX is a functional supplement designed to optimize circulation, enhance athletic performance as a pre-workout supplement, and help people prevent coronary heart disease. According to a recent announcement by the American Heart Association 48% of Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease. More than 21% percent of deaths in the US are from heart disease. After conducting extensive research, we selected the best ingredients to maximize blood flow, lower blood pressure, and assist the body in preventing the formation of plaque and removing calcium from the arteries.

Benefits of BloodFX

Increases flexibility of the blood vessels

We are introducing organic mango powder and organic fermented beet root powder to increase production of nitric oxide both in the gut and the blood vessels. This increases dilation of the circulatory system allowing the maximum amount of oxygen and nutrients to nourish the tissues. This also assists in sexual health by increasing blood flow to the extremities. Both the mango and beet powder are sourced outside the USA to avoid exposure to glyphosate that can even impact domestic organic products through the rain water,

Assists in lowering dangerous oxidized LDL cholesterol, increases healthy HDL

Pomegranate is higher in polyphenols and antioxidants than red wine and natural juices. It has been shown to be highly effective in preventing cardiovascular disease factors in a double-blind study conducted in 2016. The study showed a large drop in inflammation markers associated with heart disease: serum triglycerides, oxidized LDL, CRP and homocysteine.

Helps reduce hardening of the arteries

Our combination of vitamin K2 -7 and D3 works synergistically to redirect calcium away from being deposited in the arteries and back into the bones. BloodFX has 180mcg of Vitamin K2-7!   “If at least 32 mcg of vitamin K2 is present in the diet, then the risks for blood-vessel calcification and heart problems are significantly lowered, and the elasticity of the vessel wall is increased. Moreover, the beneficial effects of vitamins D and K on the elastic properties of the vessel wall in postmenopausal women has been seen in clinical trials. If less vitamin K2 is present in the diet, then cardiovascular problems may arise.” Feb. 2015 Journal of Integrative Medicine

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for BloodFX

  1. John Dunfee (verified owner)

    David thank you for creating BloodFX!. My blood pressure has dropped 30 points into the normal range and my workouts and date nights have improved!

  2. E.H.

    I went to the doctor for severe pain in my shoulder (which turned out to be a leaking calcium deposit), and found out my blood pressure was 218/118! I took BloodFX for 30 days, just 30 days and my blood pressure went down to 138/90, and is still getting better, I don’t take any other blood pressure medication. The pain in my shoulder has gone away. BloodFX has definitely contributed to promoting healthy arteries, vascular health and supporting calcium absorption for me. Highly recommend.

  3. DF (verified owner)

    When I was younger I remember guys my age talking about how they would swing from the chandeliers on a nightly basis.” Always thought it was a bit funny that the story would always end with “cant do that anymore though because it takes days to recover from a late night out.” Clearly now that I’m that guy rapidly pushing 50 I think of what they were saying in a different light. I’ve had streaks of being rather healthy but the years of cigars and whisky have my body telling me that enough is enough and it’s high time to take that vision of finally and truly getting into wellness on the inside and out and making it into a realty. Like most Americans suddenly working from home and dealing with the shutdown I found myself eating and drinking way too much. As we all began to realize the shutdown wasn’t going to be brief I decided to finally take action and order a bottle of BloodFX. I had heard others rave about the product, so 3 weeks ago when my bottle arrived I went into the experience with rather high expectations. That being said I can honestly say the results of losing weight, heightened non sugar high sustained energy and focus have been well beyond my expectations. I say these words in a glowing capacity because I’m grateful because there is something more important to me than my own health: I’m taking care of my elderly Mother who would be considered a high risk Caronavirus patient due to her high blood pressure. We’ve taken every precaution including steps to lower her blood pressure and calcium flow as she started BloodFX 3 weeks ago with one pill a morning with a goal of getting her up to 4 pills a day. When she was younger she was a fan of Niacin so her first comment was that she felt a Niacin “flush.” She liked it and felt a boost in immediate energy. As of last week not only was her blood pressure on the move lower but her boost in energy has her doing yoga and buzzing about the house. Another plus is the fact she’s losing noticeable winter holiday weight which has been a goal of hers “once the weather warms up”. So for this and many other reasons we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  4. wesley

    I bought this for my parents after reading the ingredients list. This is the perfect supplement to send to a parent over 65 (to offset the decline in nitric oxide and supplement with K2/D3). I ordered some as well (I’m 33). Started to notice an increase in energy and blood flow in about 3 days. Thanks David!

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