A Guide to Building your Own Personal Oasis

Optimal Living, a guide to building your personal Oasis
By David Hershel Weinstein, LifeForce Coach


What disease does each one of us have? A disease that causes chronic illness, suffering, losing our “edge”, triggers malfunctions and other problems…we call this disease – Aging. While there are genetic weakness’s and lifestyle choices that can lead to heart disease, chronic pain, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and obesity there are exercises, supplements and whole foods that can put us back on the path of vitality.

Aging is accelerated due to passive exposure to pollution, toxins and stress that permeates every aspect of our lives.  We need to actively manage our micro-environment which is critical to impacting aging. At LifeforceIQ we call this creating a personal “Oasis” through Optimal living.

Optimal Living Zones define five places in the world with the highest concentration of people living over 100 years old and an absence of chronic disease. These zones are Sardinia Italy, Okinawa Japan, Nicoya Costa Rica, Ikaria Greece, and Loma Linda California. Taking lessons from the Optimal Living and the latest scientific studies we will provide illuminating ways to build your own Oasis and personal Optimal Living Zone.

We are all on a journey textured by sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste.  Call it experience, or aging, it can be a delightful or torturous journey. The choice of how we experience the world is a luxury of 21st century living. To make the journey meaningful and enjoyable is possible through planning and lifestyle design. When we move into our thirties a cascade of changes begins to occur. Production and reception of youth hormones begins to decline and then fall off a cliff in our 40’s and 50’s.


We define six key elements that generate the well spring of Youth:

  • Nitric Oxide,
  • Human Growth Hormone,
  • Rapid Stem Cell Production,
  • An Efficient Electrical Connection Through an Aligned Nervous System,
  • A Well-Balanced Immune System, And Full Bouquet of Hormones.


How can you influence these factors that contribute to regaining Youth? Here at LifeForceIQ we have researched tools, exercises, lifestyle design adjustments, whole foods and supplements to power your personal “Youth-Quest”. We use the term Youth-Quest instead of anti-aging to reflect a mindset geared towards optimizing potential at any age as opposed to just staving off decline. Assisted by adventurers experimenting with their own biology, scientists, leading medical researchers, the Navy Seals and NASA’s work on how to condition and recondition astronauts, we seek to help you travel well on spaceship earth. And what of you own earth-ship – your home? Your office? Are you nourishing your mind and body the way you would if someone told you that you had been selected by the president’s counsel to lead the community by example?

With just one life to lead let’s make it the best one possible, one day at a time. This means getting involved in meaningful activities and taking time to enjoy the moment as well as Optimal Living and pursuing your own Youth-Quest. Are you ready to join us on creating your own Optimal Living Oasis and embarking on a Youth-Quest?

In our next blog we will explore the key role Nitric Oxide plays as one of the elements of Youth that we can influence based on our Optimal Living and Youth.



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