We are astronauts on spaceship Earth.

Our bodies have evolved with the planet as it has changed. However, in the last 200 years, our environment has changed at warp speed. We have introduced artificial lighting, cell phone radiation, toxins in the water, air, and food, that are foreign to us. We will be introducing a number of protocols designed to assist us to achieve a state of ultra wellness on spaceship earth.

The first protocol we call the Python Protocol helps optimizes the circulatory system. For other protocols are featured below are educational. We will be providing additional information on the protocol benefits and product recommendations in the future. The professional-grade services depicted below will be offered at our Biaosis Ultra Wellness resort in 2024.

Terranaut Training For Ultra-Wellness Fuses space age technology and ancestorial wisdom:

Fire & Ice

  • Cryotherapy – reduces inflammation, better sleep.
  • Infrared Sauna – Detoxification

Oxygen & Light

  • Hyperbaric & Oxygen – stem cell generation
  • Red Light Therapy – increase collagen & circulation

Blood Flow & Energy

  • Pulsed electro magnetic beds – optimizes circulation, oxygen saturation and cellular energy.
  • Compression Therapy – increases blood flow