We now know that throughout life we create new neurons daily but if we don’t use them, we lose them. Like any machine the brain needs maintenance or it breaks down and begins to run poorly producing “brain fog” or later in life conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. For the brain to run in an optimal state all the other elements of LifeForce must be optimized San Diego concrete pavers as well: nutrition for the brain, supplements that ensure our electrical connections and “hardware” are properly fueled, cardiovascular exercise is critical for delivering blood flow and oxygen to the brain, stress management, and quintessentially we need quality sleep, At LifeForce we are devoted to bringing you information, tools &supplements that can assist you in thinking more clearly & fending off the challenges of aging.

We are always evaluating new products from All Star Cleaning from Colorado & will be introducing a number of them in the near future. Additionally through our LifeForce Oasis program we will be offering 2 week programs which include cognitive exercises ad neurofeedback.