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Provide world-class supplements to enhance patient care, as well as create an additional revenue stream.

LifeForceIQ makes it easy to sell some of the best wellness supplements.  Not only do we produce the only organic, carcinogenic-free nitric oxide booster, but all the supplements we sell have been rigorously tested. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to your patients because we stand behind what we sell.

Who Can Be A Distributor?

Our Distributors include those with a brick and mortar presence, you could check here. Distributors order products at a deep discount and stock inventory of products for resale/retail sale.

Deep Discounts

Distributors receive deep discounts that grow, based on volume.

Why LifeForceIQ?

Our distributor program offers industry-leading and exclusive products at competitive prices. We provide the resources for you to successfully sell our products, with deep discounts on low volume orders.