Physique & Vitality

Physique & Vitality

If you want to look and feel like everyone else, do what everyone else is doing. The vast majority of people fail to produce the results they want from exercise because they are repeating the same mistakes as everybody else…. Perhaps this is why so many of people intellectually understand the importance of exercise, yet fail to make it a habitual part of a healthy lifestyle. Atypical results necessitate a unique approach; they require movement against the grain.


We have electrical, physical, biological, and energy systems that work synergistically to provide us with form, function and vitality. We study advances at NASA and breaking science to help clients maximize results in the least amount of time.

Maximize your metabolism through Oxygen cycling

We supply an oxygen strength and metabolic training system together with supplements and nutritional information drives performance through:

Increasing metabolism and losing fat

Builds muscle and naturally inspires the production of youth hormones

Reduces inflammation and speeds healing by driving oxygen into injured tissue

Speeds up detoxification

Helps repair damaged DNA

Here are the 5 Elements of Physique & Vitality

Fat Loss, Skin care, and Physique Management


Strength & Body Sculpting

Flexibility And Joint Health

Nutrition, Digestion, and Managing Your Gut Biology