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Viome Annual Plan

  • Easy to use, in-home testing kits sent once a year.
  • Analysis of your stool sample to determine your gut health.
  • Analysis of your metabolism using a nutritional challenge shake and simple in-home measurements.
  • Enhance your, mood, energy, well-being and performance.

Our annual plan includes one year of service and is non-refundable. For your convenience, your Viome membership will be renewed automatically each year unless cancelled.




Why Viome?

Despite my dieting, I can’t maintain my weight.

No single diet is right for everyone because every microbiome is different. Viome analyzes your microbiome and metabolism to determine the best nutrition for achieving and maintaining the body you want.

I can’t focus during the day.

Your brain uses more energy than any other tissue in your body, but in order to banish brain fog, you need to eat the correct, unique combination of foods that optimize your body’s energy production and enhance your focus.

I’ve tried every beauty product, but I still struggle with my skin

Beauty begins from the inside, quite literally. The impact of the bacteria in your gut spreads as far as your skin, so improving your outer beauty starts with improving the health of your microbiome.

I want to get rid of stress and anxiety.

A host of research has revealed the fascinating gut-brain connection, and the fact that a healthy gut microbiome decreases stress and anxiety and significantly reduces depression risk.

I want to perform like an Olympian.

A healthy microbiome allows for better gut function and nutrient absorption before and after exercise, enhanced physical strength, and an ideal body composition.

I don’t have the energy to do the things I love.

Ideally, the foods you eat should get processed into useable energy, but this often doesn’t happen. When you eat the foods that are right for your unique biochemistry, this process becomes efficient – resulting in maximal energy.

I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Your microbiome affects your biological clock. Viome analyzes and helps you maintain a healthy functioning microbiome, which may improve your sleep, restoration and recovery.

I want to be around to play with my grandkids.

Almost every chronic disease that reduces longevity has been associated with an unhealthy microbiome. Optimizing your microbiome can help prevent these life-threatening illnesses and keep you around for a much longer, happier life.

I don’t want to get sick anymore.

Your microbiome is the single most important component of your immune system. Care for it with cutting-edge testing and customized solutions, and you can kiss your sick days goodbye.

Going to the bathroom is frustrating for me.

Constipation, irritable bowel, diarrhea and less-than-stellar toilet times are all related to the health of your microbiome. The good news is that these problems can be fixed fast if you’re equipped with the right information and the knowledge of what to do.


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