BloodFX (2-Pack)




BloodFX is a functional supplement designed to optimize circulation, enhance athletic performance as a pre-workout supplement, and help people prevent coronary heart disease. According to a recent announcement by the American Heart Association 48% of Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease. More than 21% percent of deaths in the US are from heart disease. After conducting extensive research, we selected the best ingredients to maximize blood flow, lower blood pressure, and assist the body in preventing the formation of plaque and removing calcium from the arteries.

Benefits of BloodFX

Increases flexibility of the blood vessels

We are introducing organic mango powder and organic fermented beet root powder to increase production of nitric oxide both in the gut and the blood vessels. This increases dilation of the circulatory system allowing the maximum amount of oxygen and nutrients to nourish the tissues. This also assists in sexual health by increasing blood flow to the extremities. Both the mango and beet powder are sourced outside the USA to avoid exposure to glyphosate that can even impact domestic organic products through the rain water,

Assists in lowering dangerous oxidized LDL cholesterol, increases healthy HDL

Pomegranate is higher in polyphenols and antioxidants than red wine and natural juices. It has been shown to be highly effective in preventing cardiovascular disease factors in a double-blind study conducted in 2016. The study showed a large drop in inflammation markers associated with heart disease: serum triglycerides, oxidized LDL, CRP and homocysteine.

Helps reduce hardening of the arteries

Our combination of vitamin K2 -7 and D3 works synergistically to redirect calcium away from being deposited in the arteries and back into the bones. BloodFX has 180mcg of Vitamin K2-7!   “If at least 32 mcg of vitamin K2 is present in the diet, then the risks for blood-vessel calcification and heart problems are significantly lowered, and the elasticity of the vessel wall is increased. Moreover, the beneficial effects of vitamins D and K on the elastic properties of the vessel wall in postmenopausal women has been seen in clinical trials. If less vitamin K2 is present in the diet, then cardiovascular problems may arise.” Feb. 2015 Journal of Integrative Medicine


Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), Glycerol Monostearate, Silicon Dioxide