Physique & Vitality

We have electrical, physical, biological, and energy systems that work synergistically to provide us with form, function and vitality.

We provide you with on site
diagnostics and advanced
training programs to maximize
results during your visit and at
home in physique management,
heart and circulatory health,
flexibility and digestion.

Stress Management & Tranquility

We provide stress management training that facilitates a state of synchronization between your heart beat, respiration, and brain waves. This state of balance reduces the negative effects stress such as cortisol production (which causes weight gains) while enhancing focus and performance.

Bulletproof Actualization Coaching

Our certified Human Potential coach will assist you in defining your short and long term goals. Then we will proceed to assist you is designing a road map and lifestyle design to take there.

Mental Clarity

Utilizing the latest in
neuroimaging and brain mapping,
our program engages the brain in
real time, to address a variety of
symptoms including focus, anxiety,
depression, migraines, sleep,  memory
and moreover also offer short term
memory training as well.

Sleep & Recovery

Oasis we provide access to whole body cryotherapy, float tanks, zero gravity, sound wave therapy, and sleep preparation training that will bring allow you to emerge a more energetic person after your stay with us.


Next year we will offer several one-week retreats in Costa Rica and by 2022 we intend to open a destination resort for revitalization. Self-care is the new health care and assisting our clients generate a self-development road-map is necessary in a world. Longevity without health is a sentence to suffer for a third of one’s life; according to the Almanac of Chronic disease, over 45% of Americans, 140 million people, suffer from at least one chronic disease. We will offer lifestyle design to help our clients achieve the best version of themselves.

The Oasis community will have resident experts in every dimension of LifeForceIQ including NASA inspired and science-based fitness equipment, Neurofeedback and memory training, stress management sustainable practices to return home with, training in sleep optimization, your DNA based food choices and personal food training, and both spa services and outdoor activities that are so accessible in Costa Rica.

After the program our guests will be full members of LifeforecIQ and have revitalized their body, mind and spirit and have a plan to implement at home.

1. A fertile tropical island surrounded by water and palm trees in the midst of a modern desert of noise, pollution and confusion
2. A refuge where feeling happy, healthy, energetic is gifted to all travelers seeking a temporary escape from the noise, pollution, and stress of modern living