Designing a personal roadmap to close the gap between who you and who you can be. You are born, grow up and life happens. Then you begin to focus on survival & short-term obligations and lose sight of “what you want to be when you grow up”. Then stress and circumstance become a daily prison and your brains, body, and dreams begin to break down. Sleep begins to suffer, we gain weight, brain fog sets in and you are told it is just age or stress. Do not confuse the symptom with the cause! As a Bulletproof coach, we can help you.

Our goal is to assist you in establishing a personalized plan with actionable information. David Weinstein heads up our coaching program and is a certified Bulletproof coach. The Bulletproof program is designed to assist our clients in managing their challenges,designing solutions, managing stress and the environment through lifestyle design. Our goal is to assist you in closing the gap between who you are, and, who you want to be, while living a fulfilling live every day.

Here is the goal of
Bulletproof Coaching

“Imagine this…

You feel great most of the time. You are deeply fulfilled, living a life you love. Your mind is clear, sharp and focused. Your inner state energized and confident. You know how to shift between states of expansive power & presence, inner stillness and calm. When challenges come your way – you meet them with skillfulness and resilience. Your personal relationships are fulfilling and meaningful.

You are delighting in taking your performance in every area of life to the next level.

Whether you work with us long distance, or schedule a 1 or 2-week vacation at the Oasis, we are here to help you live a more fulfilling life.

Bulletproof Coaching